KCPQ-TV FOX 13 SEATTLE  Robin Clark, the CEO of Freighthouse Station Escape Challenge in Tacoma, spent the day doing inventory of damage done to his escape room business, following a fire that ripped through his back wall on March 8. "There were plastic covers over these lights, which are completely burned out," said Clark. "The fire actually burned through the ceiling up here." Tacoma Police said it was arson, releasing photos of the suspect, and eventually arresting a 31-year-old following a Crime Stoppers tip. "Once it got into here, it started burning behind the wall panels and caused dripping, burning plastic," said Clark. Inside, he showed us some of the carefully-crafted escape rooms that were damaged, including one in which customers use an imaginary "time machine." Some of the carefully curated antique props were rusting due to water damage, and looked worse for wear.   Read more