KIMA NEWS, SUNNYSIDE, WA -  A Yakima County man is facing charges after deputies say he intentionally set fire to a building and took a pickaxe to several vehicles inside. Deputies responded to a 911 call at the 500 block of Lester Rd in Yakima County. The victim told police that a man had knocked on his door yelling that there was a fire. When the victim went outside, he says the man entered his home and locked himself inside. The victim told police that he saw his shop outside his house was on fire and had multiple broken windows and doors. Fire crews responded and confirmed the source of the fire as a burnt magazine and gas can near the charred outside area of the shop. Inside, deputies say the two cars within the shop weren't damaged by the fire, but had been hit multiple times with a pickaxe. 33-year-old Byron Garcia was arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Arson and Malicious Mischief. Investigators also adding that they believe Garcia had also placed a magazine inside the victim's oven and turned it on after he had locked himself inside, attempting to start a fire in the home. Investigators estimated the damage from the fire to be about $3,225.