Newstalk870, Pasco, WA.- Pasco Police have offered information as to what the disturbance was Sunday night at Walmart. It happened around 9 PM. Authorities now say they believe a young boy with a lighter was responsible for a small, isolated but costly arson fire INSIDE the store. Pasco Police said the younger-looking boy was on his own, and used a lighter to set clothing on fire. It spread quickly but was also isolated and put out by workers using their fire extinguishers mounted in racks on the walls and the support posts around the store. The boy on the video was seen leaving in the company of an adult woman after he lit the fire then left that area of the store. It is not known if the adult woman was aware of what the boy did. Pasco Fire Crews temporarily evacuated the store to make sure no other threats were present. No structural damage occurred, but the damage to the merchandise is said to be extensive. A lot of clothing was burned or ruined by smoke and extinguisher chemicals. Pasco Police said they may post more images if the investigation fails to develop any suspects. If the boy is younger than 12, he cannot be prosecuted for a crime in Washington state. Anyone who may have any information, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.