SPOKESMAN REVIEW, SPOKANE - Spokane police officers arrested a woman Tuesday suspected of starting a string of fires involving more than 20 burned properties all set Monday morning, according to a news release. Police found Stephanie Register, 36, at the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza and booked her into jail on one count of second- degree arson with more charges pending. Both commercial and residential properties were burned or damaged in the series of fires at multiple locations, including 10 U-Haul trucks, five personal vehicles, a garage, fencing and several garbage cans. Officers responded to a report of fire and gunshots a few blocks north of North Town Mall Monday, according to a news release. Officers found two cars on fire and small explosions coming from the fires, which they believed led to reports of gunfire. Michala Mowery woke to a boom at about 2:30 a.m. and found her partner's pickup on fire in front of her home.