Q13 FOX, RENTON, WA - Renton Police and ATF agents are searching for a suspected arsonist likely responsible for four different fires set early Easter morning. The first 911 call came in around 5:30 am, and several others quickly followed about fires in the area. "We believe they’re all most likely connected, they’re all within a relatively close proximity to each other," said Commander Dan Figaro with Renton PD. The four scenes consisted of a semi-truck fully engulfed in flames parked outside of Boeing, and just down the road, a plant nursery with the same fate. A mile or so away, two greyhound buses were found charred. The fourth fire was at a Shell Station at 1100 SW Grady Way. While it’s considered a vehicle fire, for the owners of Taqueria El Taco Loco, the food truck set ablaze is their livelihood. For video more on this story, visit Q13 Fox.