Redmond police seek arsonist who is setting fires inside unlocked cars

Redmond police are searching for an arsonist who's set more than half-a-dozen fires within the past week. Most of the fires were set inside parked vehicles, police said. All but one of the fires was out by the time the arsons were discovered. "I opened the window and smoke comes billowing out. Then you just kinda go into shock and start to process what you're looking at," said victim Bryan Zembruski. Zembruski walked out to his car on the morning of September 24 to head to work and discovered someone had set a fire inside his car. Everything had been pulled out of his glove box and the center console, he said. His entire passenger seat and a portion of the ceiling were burned in the fire, he said. "Frustrating. I'm a fairly easy-going guy. I try not to get made at things outside of my control. I can't go in the past to change it.