KING 5 NEWS, SEATTLE, WA - A Renton man has been arrested and charged for allegedly bringing a dozen Molotov cocktails to the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) headquarters during a protest on Labor Day in 2020. Justin Christopher Moore, 34, was arrested Thursday in connection to a plot to burn down the downtown SPOG building, according to the Department of Justice. During a court appearance Friday, Moore was ordered detained pending a hearing on Dec. 15. The incident occurred during a protest that ended with 22 people being arrested after police said marchers threw explosives and rocks at officers and sprayed some of them with bear spray. Marchers were eventually moved away from the SPOG building after officers smelled gasoline and “grew concerned about the intentions of the protestors.” A box containing what would be identified as 12 Molotov cocktails was found in the parking lot next to the SPOG building.