1. The purpose of the Arson Alarm Local Award Program is to stem the arson by eliciting public participation in solving arson crimes. The Arson Alarm Foundation (AAF) board reserves the right to make awards from program funds when it deems a nominee's actions have met this purpose.

  2. Only information on fires in the Northwest will be considered for the award.

  3. The Arson Alarm Local Award will be considered only after the arrest and/or conviction of those responsible for the crime. A conviction is not required.

  4. The arrest, trial or conviction must have occurred within a twelve-month period prior to nomination.

  5. Nominators should be any member of a fire, law enforcement, or legal agency, the insurance industry, or anyone deemed appropriate by the Arson Alarm Foundation.

  6. Nominees should be any person(s) whom the nominator feels was instrumental in the successful investigation or prosecution of those responsible for the fire.

  7. Those ineligible to receive the award are members of the staff or board of the Arson Alarm Foundation (AAF), any insurance industry employee, law enforcement agent, prosecuting attorney staff member, probation officer, and respective family members.

  8. The identity of the nominee may be withheld by the nominator if one or more of the following is true:>

    a. If, in the nominator's opinion, direct physical harm or acts of retribution could result from public knowledge of the informant's identity; or

    b. If the release of the informant's identity would jeopardize fire investigations or legal procedures.

    * If the nominator elects to maintain anonymity of the informant, then he or she must be willing to sign a sworn statement that one of the above statements are true and that the rules of the award system, to his/her knowledge, have not been violated. The nominator should arbitrarily select a seven-digit number and enter the number in the nominee section of this form.

  9. The decision of the AAF board with reference to the making of an award and the resolution of questions involved in making such award, including, but not limited to, entitlement and amount, will be binding on all persons concerned.

  10. No promises will be made by the AAF board to pay an informant. Nor does any agency have the right to promise an informant that he or she will be paid. The program is voluntary, any law enforcement or insurance industry official who feel the award will hinder a case in any way can simply choose not to participate.

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