KPUG1170.COM, BELLINGHAM, WA - On the evening of May 26, Mount Vernon Police and Fire responded to a reported brush fire on Hoag Road, west of Continental Place. A witness reported observing a male walking away from the area of the fire, yet no one matching the description was located upon checking the area. In the wee hours of May 27, a similar call was received reporting a brush fire in the area of the Country Store located near Fir Street and Riverside Drive. Upon arrival, officers located a male nearby actively setting another fire, and holding a large pipe in hand. Authorities attempted to negotiate with the suspect, who tried to walk away from the scene, forcing them to move in for arrest. The suspect began actively fighting back, and a taser was used to subdue and arrest him. The 29 year-old was booked into the Community Justice Center on charges of Arson and Resisting Arrest.