News - December, 2022

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Dec 24

Arson Alarm

VIDEO: Authorities are investigating the cause of an arson fire that gutted an art studio in downtown Wenatchee on Saturday. Michelle Li Murphy, owns Barbarianheart.Love on Mission Street in the alley behind Its Your Tan. Michelle's business specializes in handmade fashion accessories that includes hand-dyed silk. Michelle says security footage captured the person who is believed to be the suspect, but their physical features aren't clear in the video. Michelle says the blaze happened at around 4 a.m. on Sunday. It was determined that the suspect had lit a piece of cardboard on fire to ignite the studio's garage door. Michelle says all contents inside were lost to the fire. "This has basically destroyed my fashion and hand dyed silk accessory business that I've been building up over the last year (after 20 years in NYC)," Michelle wrote. read more

Dec 22

Arson Alarm

Fire officials suspect someone intentionally set fire to a pile of railroad ties Monday evening just north of downtown Wenatchee. Wenatchee firefighters responded to the fire about 6:40 p.m. after several people reported seeing the flames. The fire was near the Riverside Playhouse in the 200 block of North Wenatchee Avenue. read more

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