iFIBERONE, MOSES LAKE, WA - Grant County Fire Marshal Bruce Gribble says someone set 220 large hay bales on fire just west of Moses Lake early Monday. Gribble says the fire started at 3:20 a.m. on Hiawatha Rd. north of I-90 near Road 3 NE. Gribble says the blaze was not caused by spontaneous combustion, but was set alight on purpose. The haystack was on property owned by Chuck Yarborough Jr. About $42,000 in hay went up in smoke. Gribble says Yarborough's hay is insured. If you know anything about this fire or think you saw the culprit, please contact the Grant County Fire Marshal's office or the Grant County Sheriff's office. Last fall, a string of haystack arsons in Grant County occurred prompting an active hunt for the firebug responsible.