KHQ-TV NBC 6 – An apartment complex on Spokane’s lower South Hill is left picking up the pieces after one of the tenants lit her apartment on fire and left with a suitcase. The damage she admits she intentionally caused spread to other units. Natalia Hensz told KHQ she started the fire under a sink and watched as it grew. “Yeah, I did it,” she said. When asked if she felt sorry for the people who are now struggling because of her actions, she said, sort of. “Maybe a little bit,” she said while in the Spokane County Jail. But even that sliver, if you can call it that, of remorse from Hensz does nothing for the victims in her path of destruction. “I have stage four cancer,” said Robin Fenn. “I just want to lay down.” Fenn used to share a wall with Hensz at the complex on West 8th. Now, she shares the smoke Hensz caused. It’s lingering in Fenn’s apartment, even a few days after the fire was put out.